Back in 1967 my father started this business, running
it out of our home at 45 Silverdale Cr. here in London.
Now some 51 years later we are located at 1128
Pondview Rd. London Ontario.

I would have to say that we have survived all those years
because of the reputation that has been built into our
company, that of treating people honestly and fairly, and being loyal to our Contractors and our
employees. For these reasons we have not only survived but
have also built up a fine reputation within the construction

We went from soldering galvanized eavestroughs together
with soldering irons and a firepot, (which by the way we
still do) to having one of the first aluminum eavestrough
machines in the area.

A 51 year old business is something that we are all proud
of, but something that we are even more proud of is the fact
that not only have I been working... (next page)

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